Auteur : Jean-Pierre BEURTHERET & Freddy DRUBIGNY
Date de parution : mai 2017
Référence : EPRELO
Format : 210 x 297
Nb pages : 368

49,00 €

This book approaches handloading from a different standpoint than the reference book on the subject by René Malfatti, the late, well known, French gun writer. The book opens with a brief history of the metallic cartridge. The components of the metallic cartridge (case, primer, powder, bullet) are then detailed, as well as the tools used to handload cartridges. Advanced handloading procedures and fine-tuning of the reloading dies on the press are covered. The use of the powder manufacturers load data is explained. This information allows the handloader to create cartridges perfectly tailored for the firearm in which they will be shot.
Other chapters are dedicated to cartridge case conversions, ballistics, ranges and shooters safety etc. The last chapter explains the functioning of automatic and semi automatic firearms.
This book is an informative and instructional reference to the very exciting world of handloading.

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